Tuesday, November 4, 2008

What’s the buzz on green cars?

By Jack Fitzgerald

What’s the buzz on green cars?

One of the frequent questions I’m asked about as a car salesman is what my thoughts are about the changes in the automobile business; in particular, I’m often asked “what do you think about electric cars?”

Electricity is one of the least expensive alternative fuels that are capable of powering vehicles. In addition, you don’t have to convert every gas station to handle a new kind of fuel; you can plug your vehicle in at your home. We’ve done this in our organization by offering the A123 conversion kit to create a plug-in Prius. The results from our customers have been amazing; some of them have said they’re getting more than 100 mpg. A writer for Edmunds recently made some observations about where these can be installed on the Green Car Advisor. Here’s the link:


We’re just trying to do our part to meet the needs of customers. What’s the next generation of fuel technology? There’s so much going on, it’s hard to predict, but we believe it is right to listen to the customers and provide them with choices.

Beware of Misleading Addendum Labels!

What’s a “Misleading Addendum Label”? These are labels added by car dealers usually very near the Factory Installed Price label that shows the Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price (M.S.R.P.). If the label looks like a Factory Label with a picture of a gas pump, for example, it can be used to mislead. We have never done that at Fitzgerald Auto Malls, because we believe consumers need to be able to shop and compare honestly, using the “PTA” whole deal shopping form for example, in order to get the best deal.

Have you ever encountered a misleading addendum label? Tell us about your experience?
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