Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Chrysler's Closing Dealers-but now they want to open more?

I think the media is really listening, and I hope customers are too. We need everyone to get in touch with their legislators and the White House because this is simply not going to do anything for Chrysler, especially when the front page of Automotive News stated Wednesday that Chrysler has open points and they're looking for more dealers.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, Jack, it's great to hear a straight-shooting dealer like you. (Dealers aren't normally my favorite people.)
But the best thing you could do is simply wash your hands of Chrysler. Until America decides to take science and math education more seriously than athletics, what kind of quality can we really expect in American engineered vehicles? You yourself admitted that anyone who owns a Honda or Toyota is NOT going to buy a GM or Chrysler (and probably not Ford either). After owning two Chrysler products (never again!), we just bought a RAV4 from your Chambersburg dealership (drove an hour from Harrisburg, but saved many $100s). Will be buying a second car soon, probably from you, if the price is right.