Friday, June 5, 2009

Ask Republicans and Democrats to Help

We are grateful that Congressman Steny Hoyer and Congressman Chris Van Hollen have sent around a letter to each of their colleagues to ask them to sign on a letter to the administration, that also advises that they will consider legislation. The legislation they're considering was written about in the Washington Post. It's called Restore Dealer Rights. This is about restoring jobs for families, maintaining healthcare for families, so they can pay for their children's education, and support the economy. I admit that I've been very successful, and this isn't about me. GM & Chrysler proved at the hearing that they have nothing to gain by closing dealerships, except "strategic market representation." Why would Congress allow the same bad management that drove them into bankruptcy to develop a plan that's doomed to fail by taking away locations for customers to service their cars....why? Because the truth is that Consumer Reports has been telling them for years that they needed to improve their quality and they won't listen. They're not listening now, and they duped Congress and the administration, not telling them that closing dealers would cost 170,000 jobs.

Call your Senator and Congressman and ask them to sign on to Congressman Hoyer's and Congressman Van Hollen's letter. Thanks!

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Ian said...

Jack! Thank you for your great support of the GM and Chrysler dealer network. I was involved with dealers in the Metro Washington area for 20 years before being transferred to California with a manufacture. I am absolutely appalled at the Government, General Motors and Chrysler’s attitude with dealers.

I frankly have always been an advocate of the sales person and not a big fan of the dealer principal. I can not tell you the empathy I now have, listening to all the stories from dealers who have been dedicated to Chrysler and GM for 50, 60 and more years that are being cut down by a broken system. Not just the dealers, but the associated businesses, like the deli across the street and loyal customers.

I was assigned to GM for six years in a joint venture and can only tell you that the decisions made and leadership were horrible then, and now the same people that made those decisions continue with this disaster.

I do not see how GM will reinvent itself with the ignorant leadership. I would love to testify in front of congress!

My best to you in your campaign to turn this around.

Name withheld due to ongoing GM relationships, but would come to Washinton for the opportunity to meet with Congress.